PRODJUICE Branding & Packaging Design

Outcomes Client/Agency Notes
Branding & Identity
Packaging Design for 10 Flavours in two size variations
Photoshoot and Styling

Role: Art direction & Design
Creative Director: Arran Russell
Photoshoot Styling: Jacqui Lewis
Photography by FOLKE ARMY
The packaging has been showcased on many online articles including The Die Line, Packaging of the World, LS:N Global and Packaging News.


During product and taste testing, we were inspired by the way in which the ingredients layered in the bottle while settling – like sediments forming their own natural ‘ingredient layer’.
We found a need to display the ingredients in a more thought provoking and intriguing way – acting as a visual infographic representing the quantity and layering position of the specific juice.

The white label was used to ensure the colour of the juice was the hero of the design, the branding was a simple execution to bring that juice’s unique colour & identity to the forefront. Rather than showing imagery of fresh fruit, or colours representing the flavour in the label design, it was all about what was IN the bottle that mattered most. In the same way the end product's quality is based on the stripping back of everything unnatural, to showcase honest, quality produce, our design is about stripping the label content down to the minimum, with a beautifully balanced logo, and simple design features. Not only does it have a great shelf presence, but the white label ensures they can continue to use these glass bottles around their home, they make the perfect vase for some floral off cuts from the garden.