Bondi Hardware

Outcomes Client/Agency Notes
Branding and Identity
Print Design
Menu Design
Website Design
Ongoing DIY Recipe Illustrations for website
Social media collateral
Packaging Design
Role: Art Director & Designer

Client: Applejack Hospitality
The beloved Bondi Hardware was the local hardware store for all your DIY needs, for 30 years, it was a well known business on the vibrant Hall street. It has now been transformed into a stylish and rustic Bar and Restaurant. The branding was inspired by mechanical objects, DIY projects and sketchy grid paper. The food menu was to represent the character of the venue whilst embracing this Bar's heritage. The brass screws on the corners of the menu hold it onto a piece of ply wood. The Beverage Book is held together by craft string, with a Die cut Cog that relates directly to the bar coasters.

This project involved designing everything from the logo and identity, through to the menus and coasters, from the business cards to the website to the recipe illustrations.... And don't forget screwing each menu to the board and tying all cocktail books.